Hawk Alley: Your next Seahawks Tailgate destination Sunday, October 16,

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A few blocks southwest of CenturyLink Field sits Utah Avenue – a narrow road nestled between gravel parking lots, corporate offices, and construction projects.

It’s a far cry from what lies one block to the east – SoDo’s bustling 1st Avenue South.

On Seahawks game-days, this uneventful area undergoes a night and day transformation. Utah Avenue becomes “Hawk Alley” – the premier tailgate venue for Seattle’s 12th-Woman & 12th-Man,

Adventuring through Hawk Alley prior to the Seahawks Game, It is impossible to find fans not having a good time.

Three hours before kickoff and the transformation was fully underway. Cars, trucks, vans, and RVs lined either side of the roadway as Seahawks fans spilled into street, sharing music, food, and game-day beverages. Seahawks 12th-Woman and 12th Man flags flew valiantly alongside our nation’s colors and wavered in the light Fall breeze, engulfed in the rare-blue skies.

At the heart of Hawk Alley lies Hawk One, a nearly 40-foot RV that acts as a sanctuary for all things Seahawks. From its polished blue and green exterior to its immaculately detailed interior, Hawk One showcases the greatest of the Seahawks, both old and new.

“We were here when the Seahawks were 2-14,” said Hawk One co-founder Gary Buchanan, who noted construction of the once-decrepit RV took a year-and-a-half to finalize after it was purchased off Craigslist. “We had some pretty rough years. But we just love what they’ve done for the community. We decided to make a shrine for the Seahawks, so we built Hawk One, which is basically saying thank you to the past and present players.”

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