12th-Woman Supporting Seattle

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 There is nothing like being apart of a movement that makes a difference and allows for achievement and success. 

  Seattle is Washington States Largest City, offering unlimited opportunities for visitors

and residents to experience a unique richness of Heritage, Scenery, Urban Culture, and

Entertainment. The people of Seattle are known to be Open-minded, Dynamic,

Innovative, and have a strong reputation for being some of the most loyal home team

supporters in the nation. The # 12 represents the ones playing outside the field pushing

their team to victory. Standing for the pride of their city and the heart of their

community. Seattle-ites have adopted the 12, as a symbol of  hope and support.The 12

flag could be found not only on the Iconic Space Needle but almost everywhere you look 

in respect for those who push for the best. Seattle has a huge Advantage when it comes

to rallying up Support. It is the spirit of compassion that brings people together and

drives us to make a difference. The 12 spirit is a key component in  Seattle’s Vitality that

adds just enough to give Seattle that great city charm. Especially during the Football

Season when people get geared and pumped up for the games.

There are tons of

ways to become more involved as a 12 as there is something always going on. You are

invited to Participate with The 12th-woman.com Charity and Promotions team.

It is the Perfect attraction for any football event.

Catch the Team fundraising at the Tailgate, venues, and Sporting events having a fun

time with the

crowd through raffles, Trivia Games, added Entertainment, and Giveaways.

 The 12th-Woman is a fun-loving organization uniting the 12’s together.

Formed To have the Potential role in helping to connect and build relationships

within the community. The Group sets a great example of  team work by bringing

people and ideas together to show support  towards concerning topics and

Common causes. The 12th-Woman Is active all year around with volunteering activities,

events, promotions, networking, and giving back to charities. The group is designed to

give individuals the opportunity to meet new people, make memorable experiences, and

learn new skills to build a functional resume.

 The 12th woman Offers positions in sales & marketing, team management, event

coordinating, Web Blogging,

and more. Its the perfect part time gig for those 12’s looking for a healthy extracurricular


The 12th-woman.com  is here to help Seattle Win it. Let’s Do something Amazing to

Change the world  and make a difference. Let’s open the doors that will show just what

the Seattle community is made of . With The 12 fans being recorded in the Book of

Records in the Past. Do you think we have what it takes to make it possible again?

Are You IN?


~ Our Sponsor ~

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