In Support of “Helping Bridge”

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The 12th-Woman are on a new adventure in Pacific Northwest.

We have met up with The Non-profit, Helping Bridge to help fill the

gaps where needed in the community to help support people

struggling, and build  their confidence to carry on in their daily lives.

 Helping Bridge  is an Organization that was created by Emily

Mitchell who wanted to be able to make a difference for other people

from her past experiences. She has a Phenomenal Concept that will

empower Woman, Families, and individuals that could possibly

spread through out the region. Helping Bridge has a mission to help

educate the importance of Health and Hygiene and also supply

Products that could give people the confidence to get up and out to

work. She says There are so many holes in the Vocational

Rehabilitation System  that she is helping to fill the gap with Helping

Bridge. Emily has held events in the past that were successful in

raising money for people in need. Her last fundraiser was for

Families in need that held  30 vendors and raised enough money to

give to a local organization last May 2016. She Is Excited and

Passionate about Moving Forward and would like to Hold another

gathering. The 12th-woman Hope to Rally up more people To

contribute to her cause through our Promotions and events!

Please check out her facebook page, Like and share. For more ways

to support you can click the links below to donate!

Facebook Page

 Fundraiser page

Buy some chocolates  and spices to donate!



~ Our Sponsor ~

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