NFL DRAFT Picks Seahawks Looking forward to Season

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   If you have your eyes on the Seahawks NFL Drafting Picks, then you should know a little about Dion Jordan.

Dion Jordan has

recently  agreed to terms for contract with One of Americas favorite teams for 2017.

The Seahawks listed Jordan at 6-6, 275 lbs. as a

Defensive end and this could be a revival for his athletic career.

Dion Jordan  Was the No.3 overall pick in the 2013 draft and played

with the Miami Dolphins but was reportedly released due to injuries and suspensions.

He has not  been seen in the  action for the last

two seasons, first serving a suspension in 2015 for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy and then sidelined by a knee injury last


Lucky for him the Seattle Team has the culture and fan support that could get more out our his performance and help him

overcome his struggles.

Who would waste a chance like that to be reinstated to the NFL? He will be making his best efforts this season

to overcome his banishment and make a big return, it is also speculated he might be trying out other roles in the game as well,


playing a strong side Line backer.

Dion  will be followed this season and we are all hoping he could help take our beloved team to the

super bowl.

We are all anxious for this Football season to kick off!

 The Seahawks have drafted some great players.

 Who will you be watching?








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